Looking good on the outside is almost as important as feeling good on the inside. Little tips to make you look even more beautiful.

St.Paddy's day nails

These cute St.paddy's day nails are simple and fun. They can be easily done with any shade of green and a lighter shade. I love these because complicated nail art frustrates me and turns my day gloomy. These clover nails will do the opposite.

Prepping your nail- Cut, file, and buff your nails. Then, prepare a bowl of water and soap that should be hot but not boiling (if you want to add 1-2 drops of an essential oil you can, lavender strengthens nails.) After soaking your nails for about 5-10 minutes, apply a nail primer. Doing all of this will help your nails stay healthy and beautiful against any chemicals the polish might have.

1. Using a light green, coat every nail but the thumbs 1-2 times till opaque, let dry.

2. Using a shade of white or another light shade, coat the thumb 1-2 times till opaque, let dry. Tip- I always find it frustrating to try to paint with my non-dominate hand, ask a friend for some help or find a good way to hold the brush that is more steady. I like to hold it between my pointer finger and thumb.

3. Using a green nail polish, paint a clover on the white nail. The best way to do this is to paint 3 tiny hearts with the points all facing each other on your nail and then if you want, draw a stem. Tip- I found this step a bit tricky, it is best to use a toothpick.

4. Let dry, one way that I do this is to dunk or run my hand in ice cold water. Be careful though, sometimes this does not work and will ruin your nails. I like to test a easy to redo nail before putting my hold hand in. I used mojito mint and blanc by Essie and double duty by Sally Hansen.